Commemorations for Baramouda 29

1. The Departure of St. Erastus, the Apostle.

On this day, St. Erastus, one of the Seventy Apostles, departed. He received the grace of the holy spirit in the upper room of Zion with the Disciples. He preached, ministered, and suffered along with them frequently.

They laid the hands on him, and ordained him bishop for Jerusalem. He taught there and in many other places, and God worked great signs and wonders on his hands. As example he changed bitter salty water to sweet water.

He labored with St. Paul the apostle in his many journeys, for he ministered unto him. He is mentioned in chapter nineteen of the Acts of the Apostles. After he reached a good old age, he departed in peace.

His prayers be with us. Amen.




2. The Departure of St. Acacius, Bishop of Jerusalem.

On this day also, St. Acacius, Bishop of Jerusalem, departed. He was a pure and righteous man. He was persecuted for a long time, and God wrought many signs and wonders by his hands, then departed in peace.

His prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.