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1. Palm Sunday The Sunday preceding Easter; the seventh Sunday in Lent; the first day of the Holy Week, commemorating the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem; traditionally symbolized by the use of palm de… 0.3 KB
2. Paradise The abode or state after death where departed souls of the righteous await final judgment; often used as synonymous with the garden of Eden and heaven.
3. Paramone A Greek term meaning watch, vigil, especially on the eve of a festival. Its Arabic equivalent, Paramun, is a term generally used for the vigils of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the… 0.5 KB
4. Pasch (holy Week) Pasch means Passover. It reminds us of the Israelites' Passover of the Red Sea when they came out of Egypt, and slaughtered the Passover lamb. The Holy Week is called Pasch, for our Lord… 0.6 KB
5. Pastoral Staff Every bishop has his official staff that refers to his responsibility towards serving God's people. The bishop receives the staff from the top of the altar, that he may feel responsible in fro… 0.2 KB
6. Paten A round silver plate, where the lamb is put. It refers to the Lord Jesus Christ manger and grave.
7. Patriarch Head of the Coptic church. The word is a composite term originating from Latin and Greek words: pater (father) and archos (leader or chief). In the Coptic church the term signifies the head of th… 0.4 KB
8. Patriarchal Deputy A position similar to that of vicar general in the Western church. This deputy may be a priest, monk, or bishop, and is chosen by the patriarch to assist him in the administration of his diocese.… 0.4 KB
9. Patriarchal Residences. From the time of St. Mark, the first patriarch of the Egyptian church, the Coptic patriarchs resided at Alexandria, the cradle of Egyptian Christianity. This was the first patriarchal seat in Egy… 0.6 KB
10. Pauline Epistles St. Paul the Apostle wrote 14 Epistles. A chapter of St. Paul's Epistles is usually read during the Eucharist.
11. Perpetual Lamp (star) The lamp that is hanged in the niche.
12. Pilgrim (wanderer) A monk who longs to live in solitude, all alone in the desert, not seeing man's face for a long time. He spends his life in praising God and praying on behalf of the whole world.
13. Pillars Pillars in our Church reminds us of the Lord's promise: If you conquer, I will make you a pillar in the temple of My God Rev. 3:12. On the top of each pillar is a crown.
14. Pope He is the Patriarch, the believers' spiritual father. The title pope has been in use in the Egyptian church from the beginning of the third century. In Rome its use began in the second half … 0.5 KB
15. Priest He is called Presbyter meaning that he intercedes, for he prays on behalf of God's people. The priest has a pastoral role towards God's people, he cares for them and serves them as his own c… 0.3 KB
16. Priesthood The Lord Jesus Christ is our High Priest. God raises priests in His Church. The orders of priesthood are: 1- Bishopric: The Patriarch, the Metropolitan and the Bishop. 2- Presbytery: Priest… 0.3 KB
17. Priestly Vestments The distinctive dress worn by the clergy when performing the liturgy. 1- Amice (Taylasan): It was originally a hood covering the head and neck. It symbolizes the helmet of salvation resembling th… 0.9 KB
18. Processional In feasts, Clergymen oftenly practice processions, preceded by a crucifier with a processional cross. Bishops and priests carry censers while the deacons carry candles. Processions take place … 0.4 KB
19. Prospharine (altar's Veil) The Greek word prosharine means to offer the oblation. A cover put over the holy elements, on the altar. To be put after the Prayer of Thanksgiving, and removed after Reconciliation (Spasmos… 0.4 KB
20. Protopriest Also called Hegumenos meaning a disposer, for he disposes church affairs together with his brethren, the priests.
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