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1. Mar A Syrian word meaning lord.
2. Mark The Apostle (st.) One of the seventy apostles, and of the four evangelists. He preached Egypt and Libya. We celebrate his martyrdom on the 30th Baramudah; the dedication of his church on the 30th Babah, and … 0.3 KB
3. Mark, Liturgy Of St. One of the Eucharistic Liturgies of the Coptic Church. A modified form of the Coptic rite (known alternatively as The Coptic Liturgy of St. Mark, or of St. Cyril ) it is still in use among … 0.3 KB
4. Martyr One who sacrifices his life on refusing to deny his faith in Christ.
5. Mary's Feasts (st.) 1- The annunciation of her birth.2- Her birth (1st Bashans). 3- Her entrance into the Temple. 4- The flight of the Holy Family (24th Bashans). 5- Her death (21st Tubah). 6- The Assumption day (16… 0.5 KB
6. Matrimony The Holy Spirit descends over the bride and groom that they may become one body. Through the matrimonial ceremony two bridal crowns are put on the heads of both, bride and groom, that we may r… 0.4 KB
7. Maundy Thursday Thursday in the Holy Week, commemorating the institution of the Eucharist; the day when our Lord washed the feet of His disciples.
8. Meditation An act of devotion, spiritual contemplation,by which the soul seeks a close relationship with God.
9. Melote Sheepskin. A monastic cloak made of sheepskin, also used as a blanket for the monk to sleep on. It could be used for carrying a monk's few possessions.
10. Memar Rememberance of the saints.
11. Metanyia Prostration. There are three different reasons why we prostrate:- for worship; when we enter the church and prostrate before the Holy Altar. for respect; in the presence of a Pope or bishop… 0.4 KB
12. Metropolitan He is the leader of a group of bishops.
13. Michael The Archangel He is one of the seven archangels. He is the commander of the army of the Lord who fights with his angels against Satan and his soldiers (Rev. 12). On the 12th of every Coptic month the chu… 0.3 KB
14. Mid-lent Sunday The fourth Sunday in Lent. In the West, it is called Laetare Sunday, Refreshment Sunday, and Mothering Sunday.
15. Mixed Chalice The act of mixing water with wine in the chalice of the Eucharist, constitueted an allusion in the writings of Justine Martyr, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria and Cyprian. It seems that the ancie… 0.5 KB
16. Monastery, Nunnery Monks or nuns live in a monastery, or nunnery where there is a church. Each monastery has an archmandrite who cares for the monks. In ancient monasteries we find fortresses where monks used… 0.3 KB
17. Monastic Vows Traditional vows of obedience, poverty, and celibacy made by the monks or the nuns.
18. Monasticism Monasticism is based on loving to be completely devoted to worship. Monasticism systems: 1- Solitude (Hermits): a monk lives in a cell or cave. 2- Coenobitic discipline where monks live togeth… 0.5 KB
19. Monk A member of a religious community of men who has made monastic vows. Someone who loves God so much that he longed to spend all his life in worship.
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