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1. Laity Collective name meaning the people i.e. members of the church apart from the ordained clergy.
2. Lamb The lamb is a young sheep that reminds us of the sacrifice used to be presented to God in the Old Testament. The Lord Jesus Christ became a Sacrifice for our sake. The Holy Bread that is pi… 0.3 KB
3. Lamp A lamp that is lit with oil, it is hanged in front of the icons, as a reference that Christ is the light Who illuminates the inside of His saints. This lamp is not put in front of Christ's ic… 0.5 KB
4. Lampstand See Altar Lights.
5. Laqqan See Blessing of the Water. It is a small basin sunk slightly into the floor in the western part of the nave. It is covered with a wooden lid when not in use. In old days it was made of ligh… 0.3 KB
6. Laying-on Of Hands. See Imposition of Hands.
7. Lectern The Latin word legere means to read. A four-legged wooden or metal bookstand, on which the lectionary (the book for the Scriptural readings in the liturgy of the Eucharist) and other litur… 0.7 KB
8. Lectionary The book of church readings quoted from the Holy Bible, appointed to be read at public worship. There is an annual lectionary, another for the great lent, a third for the Holy Week or the Pasc… 0.3 KB
9. Lections The Church had selected certain chapters of the Holy Bible to be read out in the first part of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. These chapters are recorded in a book called the Lectionary*. Thes… 0.3 KB
10. Litanies The Greek word litania means supplication. The litanies are prayers that are recited or sung by the priest, deacons and people, during the liturgies, such as: 1- Clergymen and Fathers' l… 0.7 KB
11. Liturgy It is derived from two Greek words lios means people and ergon means work. The original Greek word was used to express a public work of any kind, not only religious, but by the time of th… 0.7 KB
12. Liturgy Of The Believer It comprises the major section of the Eucharistic service, during which the oblations are consecrated and the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. It is preceded by the Litur… 0.2 KB
13. Liturgy Of The Catechumens ยท The catechumens can participate in the first part of the liturgy, where readings and sermons are given. However they don't participate in the liturgy of the believers. Eucharistic service is… 0.4 KB
14. Lord's Day Sunday, the first day of the week, commemorating the Resurrection of Christ; not the Jewish Sabbath, which is the seventh day.
15. Lord's Prayer The prayer which Christ taught His disciples ( Our Father who art in heaven Matt. 6:9; Luke 11:12.
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