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1. Hail Mary Traditional prayer based upon the words of the annunciation. The salutation by the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary on announcing to her the divine conception of Jesus Christ was. Hail, O fa… 0.3 KB
2. Hallelujah We praise God together with the heavenly creatures, saying: Hallelujah Rev. 19:1 meaning praise God.
3. Halo (or NIMBUS) A circle of light round the head or round the whole body [only for our Lord].
4. Heaven The place or state where God dwells. The place or state in which those who love God worship Him perfectly in the full light of His presence.
5. Heavenly Hosts They are divided into nine choruses: 1- Angels. 2- Archangels. 3- Principalities. 4- Authorities (Virtues). 5- Thrones. 6- Lordships (Dominations)7- Powers. 8- Seraphim. 9- Cherubim. Men will … 0.3 KB
6. Hegumenos (Protopriest) A Greek word meaning Leader. A title used by the Byzantine Orthodox church for the ruler of a monastery. He is usually elected by the monks of the monastery, though confirma… 0.4 KB
7. Heresy A belief contrary to the faith or dogma of the church; denial or perversion of the faith.
8. Hermit It is derived from the Greek word eremia, which means desert. A monk who had loved to live in solitude with God. Christian hermits first began to abide in Egypt and surrounding regions … 0.8 KB
9. Hersychia A Greek word meaning stillness, quiet, tranquillity. This is the central consideration in the prayer of the Desert Fathers. On the external level, it signifies an individual living as a solitary;… 0.4 KB
10. Hessian A strong, coarse fabric woven from plant fibres. It is commonly used for sacks and carpet backing.
11. Hesychia Stillness, quiet, tranquillity. This is the central consideration in the prayer of the desert Fathers. On the external level is signifies an individual living as a solitary; on a deeper level i… 1.0 KB
12. "hoos" Means praise. In praising there is four Hooses. 1- First Hoos, has a Lopsh i.e. interpretation.2- Second Hoos, has its Lapsh. 3- Third Hoos. 4- Fourth Hoos.
13. Holy Cross Day The Coptic Church annually commemorates two events related to the Holy Cross on which our Lord was crucified: the discovery of the Cross at Jerusalem by the empress Helene, mother of Constantine,… 0.5 KB
14. Holy Thursday The Thursday before Good Friday, commemorating the Lord's Last Supper. It is better known as Maundy Thursday.
15. Hymn (tasbeha) Some hymns that believers recite as a preparation to the Eucha ristic liturgy.
16. Hyten Hyten means supplication. Through Hyten we ask angels, martyrs, saints, and bishops to pray for us.
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