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1. Calendar (coptic) It is the Pharaonic calender. The Copts started it on the year 284 A.D. On the memorial day where Diocletian sat on the throne of the Roman Empire. A great number of Copts were martyred in the pe… 0.6 KB
2. Candelabrum It is placed inside the sanctuary or outside it, next to the Iconostasis. See Altar Candlesticks.
3. Candle We lit candles at church, referring to the heavens that is enlightened with the Lord Jesus Christ. We lit the candles on reading the Holy Bible because God's word is the world's light. The … 0.4 KB
4. Canon A Greek word meaning a straight rod or bar. In Christian language it was adopted to denote the following: 1. Canon of Scripture - the list of genuine and inspired books of the Bible. 2. The churc… 0.7 KB
5. Canonical According to the canon laws of the church; authoritative and official.
6. Canonical Hours (agbia) The book of daily prayers according to certain hours.¬∑ It includes all the prayers, Psalms, Gospel readings, and petitions to be said at the various¬∑ hours by day and night, appointed in accord… 1.1 KB
7. Cape The cape (Arabic, burnus) is a liturgical outer vestment in the form of a loose sleeveless cloak made of linen or silk and embroidered with crosses or other religious inscriptions. It is worn by … 0.3 KB
8. Catechumen The catechumens are those who have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and are getting ready to Baptism. In the early church, a new Jewish or pagan convert used to undergo a course of basic instr… 1.1 KB
9. Cathedral The principal church of the diocese, where the bishop has his cathedra (means chair ) or throne.
10. Catholic An eastern expression means general, or universal. The church is described in the creeds as catholic, because it is universal, holding earnestly the one faith for all times, in all countries,… 0.7 KB
11. Catholic Epistles So is called the epistle of St. James, the two epistles of St. Peter, St. John's three epistles and St. Jude's epistle. These were sent to the church all over the world. A chapter of it is … 0.3 KB
12. Catholicos. A term of Greek origin signifying general, or universal, and used as a title given to high-ranking secular officials, and later on as an honorary title for certain ecclesiastical dignitaries r… 0.7 KB
13. Celebrant The clergyman who celebrates the Eucharist, either a bishop or a priest.
14. Celibacy Unmarried state, particularly of clergy who are so bound by a solemn vow.
15. Cell A monk's private room in a monastery.
16. Cenobium: A monastery where monks or nuns live the common life.
17. Censer A silver or copper container where embers are put and incense is burnt to be presented to God. It refers to the Virgin holding Christ. The fire that unites with charcoal refers to the divin… 0.3 KB
18. Chalice A golden or a silver vessel where it is put the holy wine and some water. In the Eucharist this is transferred to the Lord Jesus Christ's Blood. The chalice is put in a wooden box called the … 0.6 KB
19. Chancel A specific section for the deacons, in front of the Iconostasis.
20. Chrism (myron) A consecrated oil used in two sacraments, viz. at baptism and Chrism, as well as at the consecration of the Church and of the sacred vessels etc. The priest is allowed to anoint the newly-baptize… 0.9 KB
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