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161. Feasts And Fastings (movable) Holidays which are not observed on fixed dates but depend on the variable date of Easter, as Palm-Sunday, Ascension and Pentecost...
162. Feasts Observed By The Coptic Church These come under three chief headings: 1. Weekly feast, i.e. Sundays. The weekly commemoration of the Resurrection, which falls on the first day of every week. Sundays have been kept by Christian… 2.0 KB
163. Fish The fish was a symbol of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christians. The Greek letters of the word fish correspond to the initials of the words: Jesus Christ the Son of God, our Saviour. A se… 0.4 KB
164. Flight Of The Holy Family The only country that had the honor of the Holy family's coming to it, is Egypt. This feast fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah the prophet (Isa. 19:1).
165. Font in Latin fons, means spring of water. See Baptismal Font.
166. Fraction The breaking of the bread which in all Eucharistic Liturgies takes place before the Communion. It goes back to Christ's action at the original institution (Matt. 26:26), and was a sufficiently st… 1.2 KB
167. Gathliek Patriarch of Ethiopia. See Catholicos.
168. Ghaliloun It's an oil in which is boiled the remainder of Myron oil (Chrism) after clarifying it. It is used in anointing the baptized persons.
169. Girdle The girdle is a band of silk or linen embroidered with golden or silver crosses. Its use is nowadays restricted to bishops on certain ceremonial occasions, though in the past, it formed part of t… 0.9 KB
170. Glorification A praise of God through the Virgin Mary, heavenly creatures, martyrs and saints.
171. Godfather (godparent) The person who is responsible before God and the church of the newly baptized. These responsibilities are most serious in the case of infant baptism, at which the godparents also make the prom… 0.5 KB
172. Good Friday The Friday before Easter; the anniversary of the Crucifixion of Christ. Good because of the atoning sacrifice of the Lord as Saviour of the world.
173. Gospel · A silver box enclosing a copy of the four Gospels or the complete New Testament.· We accept the Gospel with honor because we love the word of God that He gave us.
174. Grace A divine gift; divine mercy, forgiveness, and assistance freely given by God for man's regeneration, sanctification and glorifi cation. It is God's Self-giving to man, to enjoy adoption to the… 0.3 KB
175. Guarding Angel Following baptism, the believer is accompanied by an angel to guard him.
176. Hail Mary Traditional prayer based upon the words of the annunciation. The salutation by the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary on announcing to her the divine conception of Jesus Christ was. Hail, O fa… 0.3 KB
177. Hallelujah We praise God together with the heavenly creatures, saying: Hallelujah Rev. 19:1 meaning praise God.
178. Halo (or NIMBUS) A circle of light round the head or round the whole body [only for our Lord].
179. Heaven The place or state where God dwells. The place or state in which those who love God worship Him perfectly in the full light of His presence.
180. Heavenly Hosts They are divided into nine choruses: 1- Angels. 2- Archangels. 3- Principalities. 4- Authorities (Virtues). 5- Thrones. 6- Lordships (Dominations)7- Powers. 8- Seraphim. 9- Cherubim. Men will … 0.3 KB
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