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141. Epitrachelion The epitrachelion is a liturgical vestment worn by priests and bishops over the sticharion*. It is a rectangular band of silk or cotton that measures about six feet by nine inches, and is embroidered … 1.0 KB
142. Epsal/epsalia Songs of praise for our Lord Jesus Christ.
143. Epsalmodia Book containing midnight psalms and praises.
144. Eskeem A leather belt of crosses which is worn by a monk who has reached a very high level of spirituality. This belt symbolises spiritual responsibility and struggle, as well as self control over bodil… 0.3 KB
145. Eucharist It is the sacrament of Thanksgiving or of Holy Communion. Our Lord Christ established it in Person (Matt. 26:26). The whole congregation participate with the celebrant and deacons together … 1.1 KB
146. Eucharistic Bread One of the two visible elements constituting the Eucharistic sacrament, the other element being the Eucharistic wine. The bread is leavened, unsalted bread made of the finest wheat flour. A… 0.7 KB
147. Eucharistic Bread Basket The Eucharistic bread basket is a large basket, with a cross-embroidered lining, to hold the loaves baked for the Eucharist. Only one of the loaves, the most perfect of three,five, seven or nine … 0.4 KB
148. Eucharistic Vestments The special vestments worn in celebrating the Eucharist. See Priestly Vestments.
149. Euchologion The book comprising the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Originally a comprehensive prayer book but now confined to the prayers used in the evening and morning offering of incense, and the three anap… 0.3 KB
150. Evangelists The authors of the four Gospels: St. Matthew, whose symbol is a winged face of man; St. Mark, a winged lion; St. Luke, a winged ox; and St. John, a winged eagle.
151. Eve Or Even The day preceding a festival, giving an opportunity for preparation for the festival.
152. Exaltation Of The Cross ยท We have two feasts in honor of the Cross of Christ, one commemorates its discovery by St. Helene, the mother of Constantine, and the other the exposition of the Cross atJerusalem in 629 by the… 0.3 KB
153. Excommunication An exclusion from the communion of the faithful, especially being deprived of the Holy Communion. See Anathema.
154. Fan A fan made of ostrich or peacock feathers, linen cloth, thin sheets, or fine threads of metal is sometimes used in the church during the divine Liturgy to drive flies and other insects away from … 0.4 KB
155. Faragia A black tunic worn by monks and priests. It is black because it symbolizes the fact that they have died completely to the world, and everything in the world, and are now devoting their life to Ch… 0.2 KB
156. Fasting Fasting, which was practised in Judaism and by the disciples of St. John the Baptist, was recommended by Christ both by example and teaching (Luke 4:2; Matt. 6:16- 18 and Mark 2:20). It was obser… 1.7 KB
157. Father God is our Father (Isaiah 63:16). Through baptism we are called children of God (John 3:5).
158. Father (spiritual) The spiritual father (either the bishop or the priest) cares for his children, and breeds them. St. John the Apostle calls his people: MI my little children D 1 John 2:1.
159. Feast The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to our world made our days turn out to be a continuous feast. The feast reminds us of God's redeeming deeds with us, or His work through the martyrs and sai… 0.2 KB
160. Feasts (immovable) Feasts and holidays of the church which always occur on the same date, as Christmas and Epiphany, Transfiguration etc...
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