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121. Defnar A collection of short stories of the saints of each day, and it is read in the monasteries during the Midnight Praise.
122. Didascalia Instructions, that is, Catholic doctrine, of the Twelve Disciples of our Savior. The work is usually classified among writings dealing with church offices and orders, and it purports to be a… 1.0 KB
123. Difnar A book that tells the stories of saints of the day and praises them in prose. One of these hymns is sung in the service of the Psalmody that follows the office of Compline, after the Lobsh (… 0.3 KB
124. Diocese The area of limits of jurisdiction of a diocesan bishop. It is usually divided into parishes.
125. Dipytuch (diptichon, Touptikon) The list of names of departed Christians for whom special prayers are offered. We love our deceased fathers and brothers, that's why we ask God to have mercy upon them; and they on their turn … 0.4 KB
126. Discipline The word is used in many senses: 1. The totality of church laws and traditions regulating the believers' spiritual life, and church order. In this meaning it comprises all Church activities, such… 0.5 KB
127. Discovery Of The Cross According to the legend, the three crosses on Golgotha (of Christ and the two robbers) were found by St. Helena, the mother of Constantine, the true one being identified by a miracle (the resurre… 0.2 KB
128. Divine Office (evening And Morning Incense Orvesper And Matins) These are prayers, hymns and thanksgiving that are presented in the evening preceding the Eucharistic Liturgy and in the early morning before the Eucharistic Liturgy.
129. Dogma An article of faith; a truth set forth with and by church authority, based on the Holy Bible.
130. Dome (star, Astisk) It consists of two small silver bows in the shape of a cross. On top of it is a cross referring to the sheltering cherubim. This dome is put on the paten representing the Lord's grave or manger.
131. Dove As a Christian symbol, the dove denotes peace, forgiveness, and anticipation in a new life. It also expresses innocence and purity. 1. It signifies the Holy Spirit and the presence of God as hove… 0.9 KB
132. Doxology An ascription of glory to the Holy Trinity. In the Liturgy of St. Basil the celebrant recites the Gloria in Excelsis, the Angelic Hymn, or what the western church calls the Greater Doxolog… 0.4 KB
133. East Originally altars were located at the east end of churches because it is there where the sun rises, symbolizing Christ as the Sun of righteousness who sends His illuminating rays to light our so… 0.2 KB
134. Eastertide The five and one-half weeks following Easter up to the Ascension Day, commemorating the forty days the Lord has spent on earth after His resurrection; commonly called The Great Forty Days.
135. El-nayrouz Feast Celebrating the new Coptic year. We offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God for He gave us a new year. On this occasion we remember our beloved martyrs. Moreover we thank God for the bl… 0.3 KB
136. Elements The water, wine and bread of the Eucharist.
137. Elugia (bit Of Holy Bread) The priest distributes it over the believers when the service of the Eucharist ends.
138. Enthronization The rite by which a newly consecrated metropolitan or bishop is put into possession of his throne.
139. Epiclesis This term is used for the prayer put to ask the Father for sending the Holy Spirit upon the elements to be transfered into the Body and Blood of Christ.
140. Episcopacy It means overseer. The system of Church Government by bishops. Where it prevails it is commonly held to be the continuation of the institution of the Apostolate by Christ.
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