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101. Consecration The dedication of a person (ordination of clergymen) or thing (churches, altars, sacred vessels etc..) to divine service. The act whereby the elements of bread and wine in the Eucharist becom… 0.3 KB
102. Coptic This word means Egyptian. Nowadays Egyptian Christians are so called. St. Mark the Apostle preached Egypt.
103. Coptic Liturgies Liturgies of SS. Basil, Gregory the Theologian and Cyril (St. Mark's).
104. Council A convention or assembly of the priests, together with the bishop to administer the church pastoral duties and spiritual life of its members.
105. Councils (ecumenical) Bishops all over the world meet together to deal with faith and pastoral problems. Councils that are admitted by our church are: 1- Council of Nicea: (325 A.D.) that dealt with Arius who denie… 0.5 KB
106. Councils (local) The local councils are probably representing the local church in Egypt where the Pope is used to meet with the bishops of Egypt, (Libya and Ethiopia) regularly, to discuss pastoral and doctrinal … 0.3 KB
107. Creed (1 believe) A concise, formal, and authorized statement of important points of Christian faith, such as the historic Apostles, Nicene, and Athenasian Creeds. Originally, candidates for baptism… 0.5 KB
108. Crosier Or Crozier Some scholars are confused between the crosier and the bishop's pastoral staff. The first is surmounted by a cross between two serpents, used in liturgical services and in the bishop's procession… 0.4 KB
109. Cross, Pectoral A small cross with a chain, usually made of leather, silver, or gold worn by the clergy, as an insignia and distinguishing mark, giving the clergy spiritual power and protection.
110. Cross, Processional A large cross mounted on a pole which is carried by a deacon at the head of a procession during feasts, celebrations, and other special occasions. The crossbearer (crucifier) is followed by two o… 0.3 KB
111. Cross, The · An instrument of shameful execution, which became after Christ's crucifixion the universal symbol of the Christian faith.· We praise the Cross, for through it we attain our salvation, victory… 0.4 KB
112. Crossbearer A title given to hermits who struggled relentlessly in the life of monasticism. They are considered crossbearers because the strife they endured can be compared to the suffering involved in beari… 0.3 KB
113. Crossing The Gifts (institution Of Narrative) During the Liturgy of the Eucharist the celebrant make the sign of the Cross on the lamb and chalice three times.
114. Crown, Miter The bishop usually wears a golden crown during prayer as did the twenty-four heavenly priests (Rev. 4:4). This crown reminds us of the heavenly crown as well as Christ's crown of thrones. I… 0.6 KB
115. Crucifier See Cross, Processional.
116. Crucifixion's Iconstand A wooden table on which the icon of the Crucifixion is put on Great Friday. It is decorated all over with crosses, censers, candles and roses.
117. Cruets In the divine liturgy, two small vessels are used, one for the holy wine and another for water. Now usually cruets are made of glass, but in olden times it was sometimes made of gold or silver… 0.3 KB
118. Cymbals Two circular metallic instruments that give a rhythm to harmonize church hymns.
119. Deacon (servant) The institution of the diaconate is traditionally seen in the ordination of the seven deacons, among which were St. Stephen and St. Philip, by imposition of hands for the service of … 0.9 KB
120. Deaconess A maid that had devoted her life to serve God, and to prayers as well. St. Paul mentioned Phoebe as a deaconess (Rom. 16:1).· She is officially in charg of certain duties in the church. She h… 0.6 KB
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