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81. Chrismatory A small cruet, made of glass, earthenware, or metal, used as a receptacle for the holy Chrism. It is usually kept inside a locked wooden box, and placed in the sanctuary or close to the baptismal… 0.2 KB
82. Christian One who believes in Jesus Christ and who follows His teachings. A term first used at Antioch where the followers of Christ were so called.
83. Christian Name The name given and received in baptism.
84. Church It is the people's congregation, together with the clergy, as being Christ's Body. It is a one, holy, apostolic and universal (Catholic) community. It is God's house consecrated to worship.… 0.3 KB
85. Church (its' Sections) 1- The sanctuary where there is the altar. 2- The nave, divided into: a- The chancel. b- Believers chorus. c- The chorus of the catechumens (the narthex).
86. Church Triumphant The souls in Paradise who have perfect consummation and bliss in God's presence.
87. Church's Consecration The bishop consecrates the building through praying all the night long (vigil) together with the priests, deacons, and people. Thus the building is to be a church where the Lord of angels is glad of.
88. Church's Shape 1- In the shape of a ship, reminding us of Noah's ark. 2- Circular in shape as eternity is, having no beginning nor end. 3- In the shape of a cross. On top of it are semi-circular domes that r… 0.4 KB
89. Churching Of Women The act of thanksgiving that Christian women offer after childbirth. The custom, is based on the Jewish rite of Purification (Lev. 12. 6). Women cannot receive the Holy Communion before forty … 0.4 KB
90. Ciborium See Artophorion, and Canopy.
91. Clergymen There are three orders of clergymen, namely bishops, priests and deacons who are ordained to serve the people of God.
92. Closet It is a supplementary room to the sanctuary used during Holy Communion. A room where there is an icon of a patron saint or angel.
93. Coenobitic Monasticism A type of monasticism established by Abba Bakhomious, Father of the Community, in the third century, where monks or nuns live a communal life in a monastery or convent.
94. Communal Discipline See Monasticism.
95. Communicant A baptized member of the church in good standing who is eligible and partakes of the Holy Communion regularly.
96. Communion Of Bread And Wine In the West, the custom of receiving Holy Communion under the two species of bread and wine was general until about the 12th century. Till today, the Coptic Church has the same custom.
97. Communion Of Saints Mentioned in the ninth article of the Apostles' Creed. It has been interpreted in several senses: 1. The spiritual union existing between each Christian and Christ, and so between each and every … 0.6 KB
98. Communion, Holy See Sacraments of the Church.
99. Confession It is the offspring of faith pronounced by a martyr or a confessor (1 Tim. 6:13; 2 Cor. 9:13), and so in general its a declaration of religious belief. In this sense, many ancient creeds, viz. th… 0.7 KB
100. Confession [in The Eucharistic Liturgy] Before receiving the Holy Communion we admit that through the Lord Jesus Christ's Body and Blood we are given the forgiveness of sin and we gain eternal life. We pray the Confession in rever… 0.3 KB
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