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21. Ambo An elevated pulpit where the bishop or priest are used to stand on and preach the people. The Greek word omobolvely means to ascend as in. The ambo (Arabic, anbil) stands at the northeaste… 0.5 KB
22. Amen We conclude our prayers by this word, meaning let it be so.
23. Ampulla A small container about 3-4 inches high of pale yellow or orange clay, produced in the neighborhood of the church of St. Menas, near Alexandria. Ampullae, filled with water from a spring near the… 0.3 KB
24. Anathema A solemn ban or curse pronounced upon a person or thing; a sentence of excommunication*.
25. Angel ยท (Greek: messenger). A spiritual being who serves God. See Heavenly Hosts.
26. Ankh An ancient Egyptian sign of life, in hieroglyphics, transmitted to the Christian Egyptians as the cross or a sign of eternal life.
27. Antiphon A verse from the Scripture, or an appropriate hymn sung before or after the Psalms. A form of liturgical chant performed by two groups of chanters, referred to as the northern and southern cho… 0.4 KB
28. Apatheia The state of being unmoved by passion; this involves control of the passions rather than their destruction.
29. Apocalapsis Ceremony It means the Book of Revelation, written by St. John. This book tells us about heaven and the Lord's last advent. The nightly vigil of Bright Saturday is called Apocalapsis. Special ritua… 0.3 KB
30. Apophthegm The memorable saying of an 'old man'. 'Give me a word' is a key phrase in the desert tradition. The 'word' is not an explanation or a consoling suggestion; it is a word given in order to create l… 0.6 KB
31. Apostles' Creed The earliest statement of the Christian faith.
32. Apostles' Feast We celebrate this feast on the 5th of Abib (12th of July), the day when SS. Peter and Paul were martyred. The Apostles' fasting extends from Monday that follows Pentecost till the day before t… 0.3 KB
33. Apostolic Succession The spiritual authority conferred by the laying on of hands in ordination of the church clergy through a lineal succession of bishops down from the apostles.
34. Archangel There are seven Archangels, namely: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Souriel, Sadakiel, Sarathiel and Ananiel. They are the great, pure, and luminescent beings who intercede on behalf of humanity.
35. Archdeacon He is on the top of deacons, and their leader. St. Stephen was the first deacon, and first martyr.
36. Archimandrite Every monastery has its leader, called the archimandrite. He is responsible of the monks, to care for them. Nowadays an archimandrite is a member in the holy synod.
37. Ark, Throne A wooden box that is put on the altar for preserving the Chalice during the liturgy. On its sides is drawn some icons of the Last Supper, that of the Lord Jesus Christ and of some saints.
38. Artophorion The artophorion, literally the box of the holy Communion, is a vessel made usually of silver, or thick glass in poor churches, it is circular in shape and has a lid measuring about 3 inches in … 0.4 KB
39. Ascension Day It commemorates the ascension of Christ to heaven and the end of the resurrection appearances: Holy Thursday or the 40th day after Easter.
40. Axceyous (WORTHY) We say Axceyous repeatedly after the Sacrament of Baptism, during the ordination of bishops, priests or deacons and on praising the saints. We become worthy of heavenly blessings… 0.3 KB
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