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301. Sunday The weekly commemoration of the Resurrection and appearance of the Lord to His disciples afterwards (John. 20:19,26). Constantly it is the first day of every week. Sunday has been kept by Chri… 0.5 KB
302. Symbols In Coptic Art. Such as: Alpha and Omega, Conch Shell, The Cross, Dolphins, Eagle, Fish, Nimbus.
303. Synaxis The liturgical office said by monks in common, usually on Saturday and Sunday. It is also used here of the individual rule of prayer which a solitary follows.
304. Synod, Holy The supreme ecclesiastical authority of the Coptic church, under the presidency of the Pope. Ever since the foundation of the church by St. Mark in the first century, there has existed such an au… 0.6 KB
305. Tasbeha Collection of Doxologies and praises.
306. The Holy Light, Theceremony Of Every year on Holy Saturday, the eve of Easter, the four Orthodox churches in the Holy Land (Greek, Armenian, Coptic, and Syrian) participate in the celebration of the Apparition of the Holy Ligh… 0.4 KB
307. Theotekons Where we praise St. Mary the Theotokos (the Lord's mother).
308. Tithe The tenth of one's income which should devoted to religious purposes.
309. Tones Of Hymns Our Church is rich in different melodies of the hymns (praises): 1- Adams*: used starting on Sunday up till Tuesday. 2- Watis*: used on the rest of the week's days. 3- Special melodies for feasts… 0.3 KB
310. Tonya A white tunic worn by all monks and priests while celebrating the Holy Mass. It is white because it represents the joyous angels who are serving God in purity and holiness.
311. Tradition It is the vivid faith that we once received, orally and in writings, from the apostles and our early Fathers. Tradition is concerned with faith, worship and Christian behavior.
312. Triangle A triangular musical instrument.
313. Tribune Seven tribune semi-circular steps in the niche. In the early ages the bishop's throne was put their surrounded by the priests. The bishop's throne is now situated at the chancel.
314. Trisagion A Greek word meaning thrice holy, a hymn used in Coptic worship. The refrain Holy God, Holy and mighty, Holy and immortal, have mercy upon us is a characteristic feature of Orthodox worshi… 0.4 KB
315. Unction Of The Sick, Holy Sacrament Ofthe, The sacramental use of anointing the sick with oil, symbolic of the act of cleansing and healing. One of the seven sacraments of the church, after the teachings of St. James the apostle: Is a… 1.0 KB
316. Vespers Evening liturgical worship.
317. Vessels, Consecration Of Sacred Sacred vessels are anointed with holy Chrism, thus they are not used except in God's service at church.
318. Vessels, Sacred The chalice, paten, ceborium, cruets, etc., used in Communion.
319. Vestements See Priestly Vestements.
320. Vigil The eve of certain festivals, usually observed by a fast and communal worship as a preparation for the feast.
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